March 31, 2015

Steaming Nostril

Steaming Nostril Break

Spring classics season has started! This past weekend, at the Steaming Nostril event in Kitchener, ON, Matt Surch of Tekne Cycle Club piloted a set of our 45mm clincher wheels to a 2nd place finish.

Matt joined the early break at the 12km mark with 3 riders from Wheels of Bloor. In spite of being outnumbered, he managed to hold his own in the finale. Great work!

The wheels handled the high winds and rough terrain beautifully. In Matt’s words: “The wheels were awesome. They roll so fast, and with the almost Gent Wevelgem scale winds, I really felt like I was at an advantage.”

Congrats, again. Here’s hoping for more great results this season!

Steaming Nostril before & after
Steaming Nostril Podium