August 22, 2015

New Road/CX clinchers

35, 45, 55mm rims

For the last three seasons we’ve been selling our 45mm deep clincher wheels almost as quickly as we can stock and build them. The response has been great – the wheels perform well in all conditions and are fast, light, and durable.

35, 45, 55mm rims

We’re excited to launch an updated version of these wheels, along with a couple of new depth options. We now offer 35, 45, and 55mm rims. All rims have a 19.1mm internal width and a new, tubeless-ready inner profile. Road tubeless still isn’t for everyone, but we wanted to be prepared. These wheels work perfectly with tubes, and are ready to make the jump to tubeless whenever you are.

There are some definite benefits to running tubeless, particularly with larger tires for gravel and cyclocross (and there are quite a few great tire options now starting to become available). It’s finally possible to use the same wheelset for road and off-road adventures and to run whatever type or style of tires you like. For pure cyclocross racing, tubular tires still offer the ultimate in performance (and we’ve got a great new tubular disc wheelset this year as well, stay tuned for full details).

Tubeless ready profile

We also offer disc brake-specific versions of these rims in 35 and 45mm depths. Complete disc clincher wheels are built with our new road/cx disc hubs. Not only can you run tubes or tubeless, but the hubs can also be used with QR or thru axle frames/forks.

35, 45, 55mm rim profiles

35mm: Our lightest (1300g for the rim brake version), most compliant wheelset. Deep enough to provide an aero benefit, but shallow enough to handle normally in all winds. A great option for those who favour rougher roads, classics/gravel events, cyclocross, or lots of climbing. $1350.

45mm: Our most versatile wheelset. At 1399g (rim brake version), it’s light enough to climb and ride all day, in just about any condition. The 45mm depth provides a definite aero benefit and the rims are durable enough to stand up to pretty much anything. A perfect wheelset for someone that might explore gravel roads in the spring, race crits in the summer, and compete in cyclocross in the fall. $1400.

55mm: The stiffest, fastest, most aerodynamic of these wheels. The answer when speed and power transfer are the priorities – these wheels are a blast to ride on the flats yet still light enough (1477g for the rim brake version) that they won’t hold you back on the climbs. $1450.

Drop us a line. We’re happy to build up sets in any depth and can also mix and match rim depths to create the perfect wheelset for you. All rim and hub options available now.